Sunday, 12 April 2015

House cleaning services

Building / Commercial Cleaning Services is a category for premises that require daily and full time cleaning services for minimum contract term of 1 year to maximum 3 years as following :-residence   a) Large office b) Condominium c) Factory d) School/College e) Shopping complex f) Commercial building g) Government office h) Public toilet and rest area   Note: For small-medium offices that only require part-time cleaning services, please refer to our "Small-Medium Office Cleaning Services" section.  

Coverage Areas Throughout Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas, Melacca & Ipoh.

  Building/Commercial Cleaning Services includes (where applicable):- Polish entrance door.resi o Vacuum carpets and floor mats. Clean and mop all wood/tile/vinyl flooring. Dust and wipe all building lobby furnitures including reception desk. Clean and dust working desks and chairs. Empty the rubbish containers and ashtray. Clean and disinfect restrooms. Clean all break / kitchenette areas. Clean display room. Clean meeting rooms. Refill dispensers (Soap, towels, tissue, etc.). Clean computers,telephones, fax machines, photocopy machines.  

Special Services

  a) Floor scrubbingresi3 b) Floor polishing c) Floor stripping and waxing d) Carpet cleaning-hot water extraction d) Pressure washing outside of building e) Grass cutting and landscape maintenance   Monthly Salary & Machineries Rental All the basic cleaning tools and cleaning chemical/liquids will be provided by NUMBERONE.COM.MY maids Cleaning Services free-of-charge. NUMBERONE.COM.MYmaids will only charge a monthly salary for each cleaners serving your premise. However, NUMBERONE.COM.MY maids will charge a monthly rental for machineries used for a regular Special Services taken by yourresi4 premise monthly. Please consult us for the matter.   Term of Contract Term of contract is minimum 1 year.Generally is 2 years with option of 1 year extension. For further information and free quote, please contact :- HOTLINE 014-6600753 CONTACT